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Rare series

astro vol. 1

OCTVE.CO Presents - Astro Vol. 1

- Hip-Hop / Trap -

We get it.. to you this might be just another "hip-hop" sample pack another sample pack company is releasing.. wrong! This pack is literally THE one stop shop for all hip-hop / trap producers. From the perfectly eq'd snares to ever so carefully produced royalty-free melody loops this pack guarantees pure satisfaction or we will refund your money no questions asked. 

The drums and loops in this pack were influenced by heavy hittin' producers such as Metro Boomin, TM88, Zaytoven, WondaGurl, Boi-1DA, T-Minus, and many more..

We hired a team of 3 producers who have worked with major label artists such as 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Young Buck, and many more.. to assemble this pack. Take your beats to the next level and beyond with this gnarly pack.

Find your sound.

LD - Synth Loop 04

Demo 01

LD - Synth Loop 04

Demo 02

LD - Synth Loop 04

Demo 03

LD - Synth Loop 04

Demo 04

LD - Synth Loop 04

Demo 05

Demo 06

Demo 07

Demo 08

Demo 09

Demo 10

Demo 11

Demo 12

Demo 13

Demo 14

Demo 15

Rare Series

OCTVE.CO is a compilation of producers who make sample packs & presets for other producers. We've been seeing a whole lot of garbo from our competitors lately thats why we decided to launch the "Rare Series"

Rare series will focus more on genre specific sample packs and presets ranging from Hip-Hop, Boom-Bap, Trap, Soul, and even Rock. We're really expanding the horizon with this series and hope it will help you in the long run. Prices may vary from pack to pack but we promise each pack will be worth every penny. Cheers producing.


Rare Series: Astro Vol. 1




- Open Hats

- Closed Hats

- Hat Loops

Kicks & 808's

- Kicks

- Tuned 808's

- Compressed

- Distorted

- 808 Slides

Snares & More

- Snares

- Shakers

- FX

- Loops

- Melodic Loops

- Many more..

VOCALS & Melody Loops

- Power Vocals

- Hype Chants

- Stab Vox

- Royalty Free Loops

- One-Shots


What the pro's are saying about OCTVE.CO - Astro Vol. 1?

Riot Ten

"FAT pack"


- Riot Ten


"This $hit is Tite"


- 4B


"Great pack from my brother UNKWN..."

- Graves